AFTERWORK fast asleep shots can help you to overcome your sleep disturbances.

Why choose us?

Sleep disturbances or disorders of maintaining a good sleep keep your mind functional at night making it difficult for you to sleep. Insomnia and Sleep Apnea are the most common sleep disturbances. If you are facing sleep any kind of disturbance or other sleeping issues? Then anyone above the age of 18 can consume AFTERWORK. It is more effective than a pill or gummy, as the liquid has a 97% absorption, compared to pills with 10-20% absorption. Because of its high absorption, it only takes 20-30 minutes to take its effect. It comes in 4 smooth fruity flavors with no aftertaste.
• Memory: Sleep disruption may affect memory processing and formation.
• Performance: People’s performance at work, school, and other settings is affected by sleep disturbance. This includes focus, emotional reactivity, decision-making, risk-taking behavior, and judgment.
• Cognition: By affecting stress hormones, sleep disruption may affect cognition.
• We offer smooth flavored drinks to counter all your sleep problems so that you can have a sound and restful sleep. If you can not sleep due to any health conditions or disturbed sleep cycle or you have other sleep issues, AFTERWORK is the solution. It comes in liquid form, is 100% more effective than a pill and takes fast action within 20-30 minutes after consuming it.

You can use it occasionally or regularly as it is addiction-free and whenever you experience problems with your sleep. It is not a medicine but simply a drink combining ingredients that helps you fall asleep quickly; It works on all sleep problems, from general issues to disorders. We use clinically approved ingredients that are GMO-free. and vegetarian friendly.

Our products are clinically tested and risk-free. We are sure that the ingredients in our drink will give you a good sleep and make you feel better. If it does not work out for you, do not worry! You can have your money back without any hassle.

  • Vegetarian Friendly: We prohibit any chemicals that come or derive from meat, poultry, insects, gelatin etc.
  • Made in USA: Finely manufactured in the United States of America, delivered at your doorstep.
  • Free Shipping: No need to worry about additional charges for delivery; It’s free of cost.
  • No Risk: Whether consumed regularly or occasionally, it is side-effect and addiction free.


Your satisfaction is our priority.

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